Sewage Damage

When sewage leaks into your home or business, it’s a serious problem. You could face discomfort and serious health issues if you do not assess the damage immediately. Contact Laguna Niguel Water Damage 24 hours, 7 days a week to properly remove it from your home.

sewage damage cleanupSewage Damage Cleanup By Professionals
We care about your home, and want you to know how much we care! We offer a free damage assessment to our customers no matter what! Our technicians are certified by the IICRC to perform sewage damage cleanup services for you and your family. Rest assured, the damage will be fixed and you can go back to living your life in no time.

We work all day and all night, because most often water damage disasters do not happen at the perfect time! It happens when you least expect it, which is why you can find us on duty day or night. You can count on the professionals at Laguna Niguel Water Damage to take care of your home immediately.

Removal, Drying & Sanitization
Once we’ve assessed the issue, we will begin cold water extraction which properly removes standing water from your home or businesses quickly. We store excess water in large tanks, later disposed of to ensure all the water in your home is removed. By going over the affected area with an infrared camera we are able to properly locate any hidden water pockets and dry out those areas.

Our in place drying procedure uses air blowers and vacuums to rid your home of the “humid” feeling, we all despise. Sewage damage cleanup can be dangerous, as the water contains harmful pathogens that could hurt your health. We advise to gether your possessions from the affected area as you will not want to re enter the space until we have sanitized it. Our process is efficient, and cost-effective. We also offer 100% direct insurance billing to make the entire process a little easier. Let the professionals at Laguna Niguel Water Damage help you in your time of need!

Contact us when you face serious water damage issues and we will arrive on site within 30 minutes! Call now (949)-391-2574