Cold Water Extraction

Our number one concern for every customer is to properly restore water damage before it becomes a major issue and it cannot be fixed. The worst possible situation could arise if you do not act fast. Laguna Niguel Water Damage experts are here to help you! Our 24/7 Emergency Response Time keeps customers happy and homes intact.

Wondering how we do our job?

coldwaterextractionWe begin with cold water extraction. This is the most important part of any water damage restoration. Why you ask? Without removing standing water from the property you run the risk of further damage down the road. We use submersible pumps to make sure all the water is removed. These pumps extract the water from your home or business into large tanks. These tanks are then emptied in a separate location. We go over the affected area with an infrared camera to make sure water is not left behind, and move onto the next part of the restoration, which includes in place drying, sanitization and deodorization


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